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HIRMEOS – High Integration of Research Monographs in the European Open Science Infrastructure

Authors & Affiliation

Dimitris Efstathiou, Irakleitos Souyioultzoglou, Marina Angelaki and Pierre Mounier - EKT ePublishing


Hirmeos is an EU funded project aiming at the coordination and cross-linking of five important publishing platforms currently operating under different technological and publishing models. The project focuses on the monograph as a significant medium of scholarly communication in the SSH, and addresses challenges such as limited interoperability and information fragmentation, by setting up a common layer of added value services, in view of the platforms’ future integration into the European Open Science Cloud.

The platforms participating in the project (OpenEdition Books, OAPEN Library, EKT Open Book Press, Ubiquity Press and Göttingen University Press) will be enriched with tools that enable identification, authentication and interoperability (DOI, ORCID, Fundref) and functionalities that enrich information by entity extraction. HIRMEOS will also enrich the technical capacities of the Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB) to receive automated information for ingestion.

HIRMEOS invests in technologies and standards commonly used in scholarly communication and by the publishing industry, with a twofold aim: to achieve higher acceptance for such standards and technologies by scholarly communities and academia-led publishing, and to strengthen Open Access books standing in the competitive commercial sec¬tor.

Working with ORCID, DOI, NERD, Creative Commons, COUNTER, and article level metrics, and cooperating together with service providers such as DOAB,, CrossRef and Google Scholar, HIRMEOS will implement a common operational framework in relation to the following services:

•Entity recognition
•Open annotation
•Usage Metrics

The poster will give facts and figures about

•the participating platforms and their hosted content
•Current standards and future services
•the expected benefits for engaged stakeholders from the Social Sciences and Humanities
•the global benefits for the ongoing developments in relation to the Open Science ecosystem

Open Access, , Open Science, Scholarly Communication, publishing platforms