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Mopseus: facilitating open access in the humanitites

Authors & Affiliation

Dimitris Gavrilis and Panos Constantopoulos - Digital Curation Unit, IMIS - Athena RC


Capturing information in the social sciences and humanities does not involve complex data formats, instead it requires complex metadata so as to facilitate information retrieval. Although designing and handling a complex schema can present challenges, scaling up to handle multiple such schemas and combining/integrating information among them is even harder.

This poster presents Mopseus, a digital library system designed specifically to address the above issues. Moreover, in order to increase efficiency and minimize errors during capturing information is a third challenge that involves the use of advanced operational workflows and services. The work presented focuses on an exceptionally hard use case: the Repository of the Academy of Athens.

Being an open access platform, Mopseus automatically maps and exposes information in XML/RDF according to the encoded schemas and according to a list of predefined crosswalks such as Europeana's Data Model (EDM) that makes the entire information contained in the repository of the academy of athens available at the European and global scale.

Open Access, , Platform