Peer review at the crossroads

Organisers: Edit Görögh, Birgit Schmidt, Tony Ross-Hellauer - Ugottingen 
Duration: 1.5 hours
The workshop will present and discuss tools and methods related to open and alternative peer review.

 Workshop abstract

The workshop builds on the results of the OpenUp landscape scan and the OpenAIRE report on open peer review. The workshop has multiple purposes including (1) assessing existing and evolving methods and functions of alternative peer review mechanisms, (2) breaking down peer review into the basic processes to identify the benefits and challenges, and (3) identifying questions and issues that need further investigation. 

Group discussions will also touch upon issues such as the sustainability, long-term availability of alternative review tools, and their uptake by researchers, and the incorporation of these methods into institutional, national, funders’ and publishers’ policies. 

OpenUP and OpenAIRE are dedicated to engage with different (disciplinary, inter-disciplinary) research communities from the social sciences, life sciences, energy, arts and humanities to identify the requirements from the emerging trends as posed by Open Science and e-infrastructural interconnected environments. Both projects aim at developing a sustainable framework that is relevant for and responsive to the Open Science needs.

External speakers from the research, publisher and infra communities will ensure a broad range of perspectives.


Peer Review at the Crossroads - report

Target audience 

Young researchers, open access publishers, policy makers 


Edit Gorogh, OpenUP project | Peer review at the crossroads

Michael Markie, Publisher for F1000 Platforms | Peer Review – time for credit, reward and recognition

Tony Ross-Hellauer, OpenAIRE project | Peer review at the crossroads

Jadranka Stojanovski, University of Zadar | PEERE - Research on peer review

Jon Tennant, Communications Director for ScienceOpen | Fear and loathing in Open Peer Review



See full programme here.



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