The Utopia of Innovative Open Research Infrastructures

Organizers: Benedikt Fecher - Alexander von Humboldt Institute For Internet and Society and German Institute for Economic Research, Tony Ross-Hellauer - Graz University of Technology and Know-Center GmbH, Sascha Friesike - Weizenbaum Institute and University of the Arts Berlin, Rebecca Kahn - Alexander von Humboldt Institute For Internet and Society, Pelagios Network, Nataliia Sokolovska - Alexander von Humboldt Institute For Internet and Society
Duration: 2 hrs

The workshop proceeds from the (somewhat exaggerated) assumption that publicly-funded research infrastructure projects often fail and that this a direct result of factors such as how resources are allocated and managed, people are motivated and teams are organized. The workshop thus calls for a fundamental rethinking of these topics. We propose that infrastructure work is the fourth mission of equal importance as research, teaching, and knowledge transfer. This workshop invites participants to discuss the key challenges of infrastructure work and to define key principles for a utopia of truly innovative, non-commercial research infrastructures.

Workshop abstract

What makes a research infrastructure innovative (as in novel and useful), and open (as in technically open and interoperable)? In our opinion, this is the crucial question in order to develop competitive and useful future services to support research and foster open science. We therefore invite participants of the Open Science Fair to join us in developing the principles for the utopia of innovative and open research infrastructures.

target audience

The success of the workshop depends on the diversity of the participants. We therefore encourage the participation of everyone working in and on research infrastructure, especially infrastructure project managers, funders, policy makers, librarians and other service providing institutions, as well as research administrators.






16th September, 14:00

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