Stelios Piperidis

Short CV

Stelios is a senior researcher and Head of the Natural Language and Knowledge Extraction Department at the Institute for Language and Speech Processing, Athena Research Centre. He is currently the Director of the Clarin EL national infrastructure for language resources and technologies, member of the European Language Resources Coordination (ELRC) initiative, member of the META-NET Executive Board and coordinator of the META-SHARE infrastructure. He has served as President of the European Language Resources Association (2008-2012).  He has led more than 25 R&D projects in the areas of mono/multilingual and multimedia information processing as well as research infrastructures. His research interests include statistical and deductive methods in natural language processing and understanding, language resources, and automatic linguistic knowledge elicitation, machine translation and philosophy of language.


From Open Access to Open Science: making sense of scientific content


The vast amounts of new scientific information and data offer new insights and give rise to new opportunities for improved analytics and understanding. OpenMinTeD ( sets out to promote Open Science through the broad use of interoperable text and data mining resources, tools and services on homogeneously accessible research literature and related content by researchers and all interested parties in order to foster knowledge discovery and advance research and innovation for the benefit of all society. It provides services for appropriately documenting, depositing, managing, publishing and sharing scientific content, data, text mining software tools, services and workflows, while it leverages scalable computing infrastructure and storage facilities for their optimised deployment. 

DAY 2 - 14:00 Parallel Session 4 (14:00) & 5 (16:00) 

TDM: Unlocking a goldmine of information

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