Androniki Pavlidou

Short CV

Androniki Pavlidou holds a Mathematics degree from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, and an MSc in Science and Innovation Management from the Utrecht University, The Netherlands. She had worked in the IT sector and funded two startups; Fansinator and Datalization. The startup experience, allowed her to be mentored and learn from the best. She had won the CAPSELLA(H2020 project) hackathon and the 2nd prize in San Francisco Techcrunch (Panasonic aviation challenge). She had also won the #DiploHack Athens European competition implementing the Datalization platform that triggers EU citizens to easily discover EU Open Data, their usage in their life, their business and politics, by exploring a city in a funny way. She also participated in the MIT Enterprise Forum Greece with Datalization and working as a project manager in OpenMinTeD project. Androniki is a dedicated innovator, who is passionate about technology, and turning research findings into innovative products.


OpenMinTeD Platform Training: Discover the power of TDM


OpenMinTed is a platform focusing on TDM for scientific works.

The training will demonstrate how corpora and TDM tools can run on applications and help you get the outcomes that fit your needs.

Participants will get a hands-on experience on 

  • What is OpenMinTeD
  • How to find/upload content
  • How to find/upload TDM tools
  • How to find/run applications
  • Get the result!


DAY 3 - 14:00 Parallel Session 8

OpenMinTeD Platform Training: Discover the power of TDM


See full programme here.

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