Distributed open research for AI analyses

David Suter - Materials Zone

Materials Zone is revolutionizing the way materials are discovered.

Materials Zone is a distributed research platform for data interoperability and AI modelling. The project was established from the research work of Prof. Arie Zaban, now president of Bar Ilan University and Dr Assaf Anderson of the Institute for Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials, Bar Ilan.

The Problem:
Driven by new partnerships, new technology capabilities and the drive towards digital science, the usage of data is changing radically. New materials can now be discovered for hundreds of thousands/millions of dollars rather than the hundreds of millions of dollars it once cost.
The problem is, in order to achieve this, scientists need access to data and understand data science. However, 99% of valuable data is still siloed, fragmented and inaccessible and approximately only a tiny fraction of materials scientists know how to develop scripts of code.

The Solution:
Materials Zone is a synergistic marketplace developing a recommendation engine that promotes interoperable data, scientific insights and a global bank of materials knowledge. Previous experiments that were inaccessible therefore irreproducible have a new lease of life. Experiments that would normally exhaust both time and money can be created at a fraction of the cost and faster than ever.
And... most importantly, for the first time ever. Scientists, with little to no scripting experience, can gain access to an unparalleled global knowledge of industry and academic data, samples, scripts, equipment... and brains.

For further information visit www.materials.zone or to sign up for a trial of the platform drop Dr Assaf Anderson a line on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • 18th September, 11:30 - Demo presentations (2 min.)
  • 18th September, 12:00 - Demo sessions (20 min. x 3)

See full programme here.

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