Identifying synergies and engaging communities across national, regional and global levels: Strategies within the GO FAIR initiative

Ines Drefs and Silvia Wissel - GO FAIR Support and Coordination Office

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To put Open Science into practice, visions of federated research data infrastructures have been conceived at the national, the regional, and the global level and are currently taking shape in varying forms. As an entirely open and inclusive bottom-up initiative for FAIR pioneers teaming up as so-called “Implementation Networks”, GO FAIR spans all these levels. Its members may be working on FAIR solutions that can contribute to national infrastructures such as Germany’s NFDI (National Research Data Infrastructure), to regional infrastructures such as the EOSC (European Open Science Cloud) or to global infrastructures such as the IFDS (Internet of FAIR Data and Services). The challenge is to make sure that these solutions can be taken up at all of these levels. In this poster presentation, the GO FAIR Support and Coordination Office at the Leibniz Information Centre for Economics outlines two approaches of ensuring the relevance and compatibility of its Implementation Networks’ output at various levels: (1) Mapping the Implementation Networks’ activities to identify synergies, (2) establishing GO FAIR offices at the national or regional level. 
One strategy to ensure relevance and compatibility of GO FAIR output at various levels is to monitor and map the activities of Implementation Networks and other FAIR-related consortia at the national, regional or global level. Based on these mappings it becomes possible to make out major overlaps and potential synergies when it comes to implementing FAIR. 
GO FAIR offices at the national or regional level are responsible for the engagement and alignment of the national stakeholders related to the GO FAIR initiative. Representatives of national or regional GO FAIR offices follow up closely on national research data infrastructure activities and ensure that consortia formed at the national level are in touch with major developments or solutions developed as part of the international GO FAIR initiative. 

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