FAIR Data Principles and Open Science training: compliance and challenges

PatrĂ­cia Miranda and Pedro Ferreira - APIS (ICS-UL)

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he present communication of APIS (Portuguese Archive of Social Information) reflects the urgent need to discuss the FAIR Data Principles when talking about RDM (Research Data Management). APIS is a research infrastructure acting on the domain of preservation and dissemination of research data in social sciences, specially sociology and political science. Based at ICS-UL, the archive works towards the acquisition and sharing of digital data for the purposes of public consultation, secondary analysis and pedagogical use. As we deal with research data, we are compelled to be aware of FAIR Data Principles and to transmit the main guidelines and other concerns to institutional researchers. One compliance illustration is the use of Personal Identifiers (PID) that will be mandatory from 2020 onwards. For instance, PID is one of the foundation stones in building the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).
In the contemporary context where the importance of good practices in science is more and more recognized and acknowledged, we think that is fundamental to disseminate the FAIR Data Principles across the social sciences research communities. Nonetheless, at the same time it is a challenge to train them and discuss with them how we can go from theory to its implementation in practice.

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