Critical trends, drivers & barriers of RRI and Open Science

Luciano D’andrea - Knowledge & Innovation and Helene Brinken - Goettingen State and University Library

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The EU-funded project FIT4RRI (2017-20) identifies a gap between the potential role RRI and Open Science (OS) could play in RIs and the impact they currently have. 
The project acts on two key factors in order to bridge this gap: training and governance. 
To develop and promote viable strategies that can activate institutional change, FIT4RRI developed a comprehensive picture of major trends, barriers to and drivers of RRI and OS, including their relations with broader transformations affecting science and innovation. In addition, the most relevant approaches aimed at embedding RRI and OS in research organisations have been in the focus of this analysis. 

First, the team conducted an extensive literature review, addressing four main issues: 

  • how science is changing in the context of the wider transformations affecting society in late modernity; 
  • how these changes influence science-society relations and mechanisms of production of scientific knowledge;
  • how RRI has been interpreted and to what extent it addresses these changes; 
  • which barriers and drivers arise in the implementation of RRI. 

Secondly, FIT4RRI initiated a benchmarking process on RRI-oriented experiences in Europe. The process entails the building up of database of 302 experiences and an in-depth analysis of 18 of them, selected on the basis of a set of quality criteria. Further, this process led to set up a 9-item typology of RRI governance settings (i.e., approaches for institutionally embedding RRI in ROs) and to identify 36 RRI-oriented benchmarks (i.e., effective and transferable practices which can be used to favouring the implementation of RRI and OS). As a result, the project developed recommendations and orientations to support the implementation of four co-creation experiments planned for the second strand of the project. The poster will summarize the result of FIT4RRI’s analysis and give a comprehensive picture of influences on RRI and OS.

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