CORE: the world’s largest aggregator of open access research papers

Petr Knoth, Lucas Anastasiou, Matteo Cancellieri, Bikash Gyawali, Drahomira Herrmannova, Sergei Misak, Samuel Pearce, Nancy Pontika, David Pride, Svetlana Rumyanceva, Maria Tarasiuk and Viktor Yakubiv - The Open University

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CORE offers seamless, unrestricted access to millions of research papers from around the world to everyone for free. It hosts the world’s largest collection of open access full texts, which are used by researchers, libraries, software developers, funders and many more.

CORE offers a variety of services: 

  • CORE Search: enables users to find and access research papers, from anywhere, on any subject. 
  • CORE Recommender: a plug in for repositories, journal systems and websites allowing the end users to discover articles relevant to their interests.
  • CORE Discovery: a browser extension providing one-click access to freely available versions of paywalled articles, wherever you are on the Web. 
  • CORE API: enables the interaction with CORE data in real time. It’s perfect for building production applications requiring access to subsets of CORE data. 
  • CORE Dataset: enables users to download all of CORE data and it is well suited for experimentation. Text miners can conduct research, run batch processes and develop application prototypes. 
  • CORE FastSync: is an enterprise service offering fast incremental access to all CORE data. It enables you to receive updates from CORE as soon as they become available. 

CORE believes that knowledge can be used for the public good, and the more widely this knowledge can be distributed the better, for everyone. 

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