Building Open Research, Development and Innovation Know-How - a Model for Lahti University of Applied Sciences

Johanna Kiviluoto and Riikka Sinisalo - Lahti University of Applied Sciences

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Finnish universities of applied sciences (UAS) provide higher education with a practice-based approach, focusing on teaching and research, development and innovation (RDI) activities. The common principles of open science (OS) are nevertheless applicable to these RDI activities, which has led to Finnish UASs working actively towards promoting openness in their RDI activities in order to achieve openness throughout the organization. 
Achieving an open operational culture requires a thorough understanding of different aspects of openness. In Lahti University of Applied Science (LAMK) this challenge has been tackled with a specific personnel skills building program, in which the OS skills are incorporated in. The program has been put into practice twice now, developing it according to the feedback after each round. OS teaching and guidance by LAMK’s own OS experts is also bookable on-demand using a simple web form. 
In addition, a resource-effective way to establish OS practices was needed. To enable this, a set of online guides were created to provide an overview of LAMK practices in OS and publications and offer deeper insight with specific issues like data management, citations and reporting your publications. Guides are being updated regularly and in compliance with the questions and requests coming from the personnel. 
As part of national Open RDI initiative, the UASs are preparing an OS MOOC aimed at both students and personnel. LAMK is one of the UASs participating in the creation of the MOOC, which will become available in September 2019. With it, the OS training in LAMK enters yet another era, in which the training is offered online and offline in a versatile way, enabling the open science know-how to become truly embedded in the organization culture. 
The poster will showcase our versatile open science training ecosystem, reaching everyone from students to teachers and RDI specialists within LAMK.

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