Are you a student and you are interested in Open Science? 

The conference organising team now gives you the unique opportunity to win a bursary to the Open Science Fair 2017!

We offer 10 bursaries that include:
• three days of free access to the OSFair2017
• participation the welcome cocktail reception

What’s in for you?

The OSFair2017 provides unique opportunities to
• let your voice be heard in the Open Science community
• connect with other Open Science advocators
• participate in trainings & hand-on workshops

What will you have to do?
  • Become an Open Science angel and promote the Open Science Fair 2017 via your social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, …)
  • Tweet about the days before, during and after the conference
  • Write two blog articles during the conference and/or shortly after, with your impression, what you have learnt, what you found interesting, what Open Science means for you and how OSFair inspired you.
What’s the process?

• Fill in the application form and subscribe to our Newsletter
• Your application will evaluated, by September 1st.
• Visit the OSFair2017 Bursaries results webpage after Sept 1st, to look for the published results.